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• 7/17/2017

What is gender?

More specifically where does gender end and otherkin begin? What makes a Satirical Gender a Satirical Gender and a gender identity a gender identity? Given our wiki topic we need to talk about this particularly in the context of Genders not yet accepted by the trans community ( and which are valid real genders (or possible genders) and which are Satirical Genders. This thread is for the topic as a whole. The comment section of each page is for that gender in particular.
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• 7/27/2017
Hi! I have been having this same question myself as to, even if a gender was firstly coined with satirical purposes, it can still be a real gender identity. In the satirical genders page, I commented how the string theory gender is very creative. What I actually meant was that I could see it being used as a gender equivalent to pangender, except that in a state of clashing, as if in constant gender dysphoria (I didn't write that so I wouldn't encourage trolls to spam how their genders could be real). The rest is simply scientific and spiritual beliefs. Now gender, as I view it, can be decomposed into 3 major components: gender expression, gender roles, and gender experience. Gender expression holds no secret, how you make your own gender known, gender roles are about how your gender instructs you to act or be in a social context and gender experience is oneself's feeling and internal perceiving of own gender (kinda like the caminus fluid changes your internal feeling in terms of warmth, gender has its own feeling, warmth would be a form of synesthesia between the sense of gender and the sense of temperature). However, many other things provide you with guidelines for expression, roles and can change how you feel (just as you can perceive them by sense, or feeling). That is why there are more types of identities than just gender and I believe much confusion and argument within the context of gender comes from people trying to put in a gender what is not. Let's take specific gender identities as an example. Should Two-spirit really be a gender identity? As it is commonly described, it is an equivalent to bigender between man and woman, with added spiritual value within the Native American cultural and spiritual context. As such, what we see is not ONE identity, in this case, gender, but many, interacting with each other. You have the gender identity of bigender between man and woman interacting with the spiritual identity of the common native american religious and spiritual beliefs and also with the cultural, or ethnic identity of being native american (do not confuse with race. Just as sex is corporeal and gender an identity, race is corporeal and ethnicity is an identity. There have been cases of transethnic people, kinda like michael jackson was a transwhite and justin bieber is a transblack XD, no but I'm serious). This way, being two-spirit is not a gender on its own, it is the result of identifying sexually as bigender and spiritually as native american. The same applies for hijra. The String Theory gender would be the interaction between identifying as pangender and believing in the string theory and, possibly, spiritually identifying as pantheists. It is not a gender identity on its own, but a richer identity come upon by the interaction of several identities. Still think the clashing genders part is an interesting take on pangender, but not knowing anyone who fills that way there is no point in writing that in the multigender page.
That is why it is so hard to define what goes in gender and what doesn't. Because other identities (like ethnicity) also have expression, roles, and experience (although probably not nearly as marking as gender for the most of us), you can't just use that decomposition to define what goes in gender. You must never forget that gender is a part of sexuality (not sexual orientation, sexuality, as in sexology), and should be studied as such. I just want to quickly address that otherkin and gender don't have to be 'separate'. One can be otherkin and still have gender, as most animals also have genders, some even more than two. Cases of transgender animals also have been seen. If a male lion takes care of pups and goes hunting, he's transgender, as he's fulfilling lioness gender roles (in this case gender expression would not take effect as they do not perceive self-image and we also cannot communicate with them to know such things as gender experience, so we're limited to studying gender roles when it comes to animals).
Now, taking gender as part of sexuality does help you define what gender is. As a genderfluid myself (and I believe you are too, just don't know and can't find anywhere what comale fluid is, guessing genderfluid with preference for man) I love that I have been able to, by studying what changes with the genderflow, and what doesn't, try to establish at least boundaries to what gender has a direct effect on, and what it IS. I have found that although in my case personality and tastes have a slight change, gender on its own has nothing to deal with this things. The main aspect that gender encompasses in humans is social interaction: how we interact with other beings in a social context, specifically other humans. I don't see how gender can influence sexual orientation however, and although that might be my flaw, I would scratch down the scary god gender as an option, as it requires homosexuality. The problem with aporagenders is that most of what gender influences in social interaction is regarding 'same gender' and 'different gender', independently of sexual orientation, but with aporagenders, almost everyone in the world is 'different gender' and nearly anyone is 'same gender', which also makes it hard to look at it that way in order to know what genders should we consider to be real. The only thing I see that's left (at least for now) is mindset. Every gender gives the 'user' a certain mindset, a way to think, react to obstacles, overcome problems, or generally look at the world. But with this, you have no idea if, for example, someone is trolling or not, as they could be lying about what they call their gender's mindset. There is no way for us to objectively determine another person's gender, that is a very famous critique to the gender dysphoria diagnosis required in most places to receive HRT and SRS. And thus, there is no objective way to determine whether something falls into the category of gender or not besides comparing it to other types of identities (as I've referred) and try to determine what type that identity is, if not an interaction between multiple. I can come up with some questions to HELP figure out if something is a gender or not (not a gender identity, a gender), by using sexual and romantic desire to your advantage. 'How does one feel sexually attracted to this gender?' 'How does one feel romanticly attracted to this gender?', vice-versa, and the like. I'll think more about this. I'm currently also learning a few things about psychological research methods, so that might help me create a process of at least trying to understand the gender experience one is having and fitting it in with gender identity. In terms of looking into a gender in its theorical form and determining if its 'real'... I don't even think that is possible, everything can come to become a gender really. What we now treat as spiritual identification can one day fall into the category of gender, if our societies evolve in that sense, and in a universe of infinite possible genders, as told by pangenders (such as myself), I totally believe that.
• 7/27/2017
that being said, the best way to find out if a gender is real in the current world is to talk to a person who claims to be of said gender
• 12/1/2017
There is no such thing as gender other then the 2 or maybe both. You don’t just wake up and realize you are somthing that doesn’t exist. How would you do that. There is male female both or u are making up words to describe personality
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