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• 7/28/2017

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I want to know if I'm bi-gender, because sometimes I only feel male other times only female and sometimes in between, I don't consider myself gender fluid, but I do genderqueer, and I want to know if this part is bi-gender or tri-gender.
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• 7/28/2017
genderfluidity and multigender are deeply connected. Although you can be multigender without experiencing fluidity (you have all your genders at the same time), every genderfluid is a multigender. What you are describing (remember that only you can truly know, I am saying this based on what I read) seems like a trigenderfluid, meaning you flow between 3 gender identities, in this case man, woman and androgyne. Although, if you are uncomfortable using the label genderfluid, you can always simply use trigender, as many do. I advise, however, to investigate into the multiple subcategories of genderfluidity. You will find most of them in the mutogender and the pocket gender articles of this wiki. Hope I helped
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