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• 10/2/2017

Good Gender Test

What's a good test for gender? I'm unsure as to what my actual gender is. I've seen the SAGE test and I got Androgynous. I know that I'm neither male nor female (I use cisfemale pronouns for simplicity though), but despite scouring through the many genders on here, I don't know what gender I am. So is there a test out there that sort of places you on the non-binary spectrum, instead of just the male/female spectrum?
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• 10/3/2017
You are unlikely to find one. Nonbinary brains haven't been studied much.
but some simple questions you can ask yourself are:
Do I have a strong feeling of a gender? (if so you are somewhere on the Aporagender spectrum)
Do I feel I have a "neutral" or "null" gender? (Neutrois spectrum)
Does my gender change or is it static? (if it changes you are somewhere on the genderfluid spectrum)
Do I feel partly male?(demiguy spectrum) Partly female? (demigirl spectrum)
Do I feel like more than one gender on top each other? (this one doesn't have standard name yet but check out Cogender (Gender identity), Surgender, and Big Gender)
Hope that helps. Currently, your gender is very personal journey. Others can help you with the words but you must find the feelings.
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