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• 10/19/2017

Help and/or advice

Hi, I am having trouble with my gender identity and was hoping someone would be willing to give me advice? I do not feel a connection to either gender in particular, although I am biologically a girl. As I attend an all-girls school it is very hard to figure out if I identify as a girl more or if I identify as a boy or in-between? I prefer dressing as a woman and use she/her pronouns because I'm used to them however if someone were to use he/him I wouldn't mind or if I was to wake up a man it would be more of a feeling of "ok cool". I identified as agender for awhile however due to being surrounded by girls and in that environment so much and not having a feeling of wanting to change I am developing some doubts. I am not sure what my gender identity may be and would appreciate help or advice for figuring it out. Thank you!
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• 11/23/2017
If you want you can just use an overall umbrella term, like nonbinary or if you're comfortable enough the q word. You don't even really need to label yourself if you don't want. Here's a few other genders though if you're looking for something specific:

Demigirl/demiguy/deminon-binary/demigender- a gender in which you only partially feel connected to a gender

Genderflux- intensity of gender varies (ie. Some days you're like "WHOO FEMALE YEAH LET'S GO GIRL POWER" and other days it could be like eh, whatever)

Neutrois- someone who feels as though their gender is neutral or null

Galactian alignments:
Solarian- male aligned
Lunarian- female aligned
Stellarian- neutral aligned

*Galactian alignments are relatively new, and were coined in 2016. It's for when you want to align yourself with a gender but not be reduced down to "this" or "that" gender. I personally identify as solstellarian, which is a combination of male and neutral alignment. You can combine these in any way.

Gender indifferent- lack of a strong feeling of gender; both an umbrella term and way to identify

Absorgender- gender that changes based on who you're around

I hope that helps at least get you started in a vague direction. I tried listing lesser known ones, though there are tons. As I said before, don't feel pressured to choose a label. And as far as the all girls school goes and being okay with she/her, that's all gender expression. Gender expression is separate from gender identity, and you can still feel comfortable with presenting female and be agender or gender non conforming. If you have any questions, just reply.
• 1/23/2018
Sure I can help . If you were born with a penis , then you are a male , born with a vagina , a women . If you feel different seek medical help instead of letting people tell you that you are okay and this is normal . And taking hormones to change your entire body chemistry isn’t a fix either . Jesus
• 5/9/2018
You are female.
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