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• 6/26/2018

What do you think my gender is?

I feel kind of conflicted on this.
I guess I feel female (I am born female), but hearing people call me female pronouns makes me feel weird, I don't know how else to explain it. It doesn't feel right, but it doesn't bother me a lot. I really hate my boobs and want a male looking chest, but I don't really want a penis or vagina. I'm fine with the rest of my body though. I like to look gender neutral, but I like long hair. I feel like I mostly fit with female, but the weird female pronoun feeling and the body stuff makes me question it. I don't really fluctuate day-to-day on this stuff, so I don't think I'm gender fluid. Maybe non-binary? I'm sorry if this question is annoying, I just really don't know much about this stuff and wanted some opinions.
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• 7/5/2018
have you considered demigirl?
Demigirl Gender Wiki
• 7/6/2018
I think that kind of fits. I guess not everyone will fit everything in a gender perfectly.
• 7/6/2018
you dont have to just go with what "kind of fits" if you don't want to. i suggest browsing around the wikia to see if you find anything that fits you better--but also, keep in mind that labels are usually quite flexible and can mean different things to you than they might mean to other people.
• 7/6/2018
I've been looking and I think just going by genderqueer is the simplest and most flexible. It may not be very specific, but I don't think I will find something specific that fits me and that's okay.

Thanks for the replies!
• 7/6/2018
whatever makes you happy, bro!
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