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• 9/8/2018

What Gender am I

I just wanna know what gender I best fit. Ok first of all, my sex is male. But I do like some of the things the females get to do, as I like long hair, but people tell me to get a haircut all the time because "I'm a boy" It's really annoying and I think girls are lucky. Anyways, I also took an online test calling me a woman, but I am not girly in all sorts, as an example I do not usually watch TV shows directed torwards girls. I have also had people tell me I was a girl but those are just jerks trying to get on my nerves. So do any of you have a guess of what I am? Please tell me!
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• 9/10/2018
You are probably a male who just likes some girly things.
• 9/11/2018
So, bigender? Does that sound correct
• 10/23/2018

I think you are most likely a male, but you just show interest in stereo-typically feminine things. In other words, you're cisgender. Showing interest in 'feminine' things does not make you automatically under the trans umbrella.

• 10/23/2018


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