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• 9/8/2018

A little help?

I'm having some trouble with my gender- I guess that was obvious if I'm opening a discussion :)
Basically, I always identify as female, but sometimes I also feel slightly male- probably libramasculine- as well. However, when I don't feel like that, I just feel entirely female. I still use she/her pronouns either way.
Does anyone know if there's a definition for this?
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• 9/9/2018
Same with me
• 9/9/2018
By that I mean I need help knowing my gender
• 10/23/2018

Hey, you might be genderfluid?

• 1/8/2019

I am the same way too, not genderfluid but maybe something of being a paragirl, demigirl or librafeminine. Hope this helps =)

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