Asexual flag
Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, while aromantic is the lack of romantic attraction. This is NOT a gender.


An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction. An asexual can still enjoy sexual activities, they just don't have sexual attraction. Many symbols of sexuality include a black ring on the middle right hand finger, cake, dragons, and a purple, black, grey, and white flag. While it is believed that asexuals don't have issues with haters, they actually seem to get more hate. In a lot of cases, asexuals aren't even accepted in the LGBTQIAPD+ group. These people can still have romantic attraction. These people can still date and have partners. Sometimes an asexual and an allosexual (someone who experiences sexual desire) will compromise or open a polyamourous relationship.


An aromantic person is a person who does not experience romantic attraction. An aromantic can still experience sexual attraction and date, but they do not experience any romantic attraction. (See Demiromantic .) These people can still have life long partners. The aromantic flag is green, red, white, and black and their symbol is a white ring However, the aromantic community is still deciding on specific details.

For more information please visit or look up AVEN .

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