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bigender person is someone who experiences the phenomena of desiring a body with sex traits from two distinct sexes simultaneously. A common misconception is that bigender people always desire male and female sex traits. Bigender people are able to desire sex traits that fall outside of “male” or “female”. The bigender gender orientation is distinct from being genderfluid in that switching between multiple genders is a characteristic exclusive to genderfluid persons, while bigender people share one common characteristic in desiring a body whose sex traits come from two different sexes.

When seeking physical transition, bigender people’s wants and decisions in transitioning can vary greatly from person to person. Bigender people are bigender so long as they desire to have sex traits from two distinct sexes, regardless of the disparity in how many sex traits they desire from each sex.

An important disctinction from genderfluidity is that bigender individuals may exist simultaneously at two distinct gender points (two genders in one body), while genderfluid individuals may shift anywhere on the gender spectrum.

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