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Cissexual people feel the sexual anatomy they were born with is right for them and thus do not need to transition. Cissexualism is the opposite of transsexualism.

Some people have suggested cissexual as opposed to cisgender because the term is more politically correct.  Helen Boyd argues for a difference between cisgendered and cissexual by saying that cissexual makes less assumptions about the person's presentation (ie. a crossdresser would be cissexual, but not cisgendered) and their alignment to the trans community in her blog

The term transsexual may be used as the antonym of cissexual.

Many androgynes are cissexual and mixedgender/transgender: they feel happy in their bodies but they wish to be considered a gender of their own, different from the one they were assigned to by their society, without them being crossdressers.

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