A duoquinquagintigendered person can be any of those genders, except for male and female.

Duoquinquagintigender is a gender identity characterized by feeling as if you have an unlimited amount of genders. These can change daily, weekly, hourly, from one to another. Duoquinquagintigendered people usually do not feel the same genders for longer than 2 weeks. It very uncommon for duoquinquagintigendered people to feel one of their unlimited genders for longer than 2 weeks.

There are many duoquinquagintigendered people all around the world. However, the majority stay hidden and do not reveal their true gender identity to their friends or family in fear of mockery.

Despite duoquinquagintigendered people being able to have unlimited genders at one point in time, none of those genders can be male or female. Duoquinquagintigendered people are incapable of possessing the male or female gender at any point in time. However, some duoquinquagintigendered people reported feeling that an inanimate object is their gender.

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