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PART 2: TIME SIGNATURES FOR ALL THE WORDS (you're welcome): Gender Identity- 2:54 Biological Sex- 2:32 Gender Expression- 3:11 and 4:34 Listen to Kara talk about identifying as a woman but expressing in a traditionally masculine way: 4:34 Cisgender- 5:35 Transgender- 6:00 HRT: 6:30 Transman/woman- 6:42 FTM/MTF- 6:54 FTF/MTM- 6:56 Dysphoria- 7:25 Transgender v. Transgendered- 7:40 Trans- 8:59 Trans* v Trans- 9:15 Transexual- 8:04 Transvestite- 10:21 Cross Dresser- 10:45 Drag king/queen- 11:30 The Gender Binary- 12:20 PGP's (Preferred Gender pronouns)- 13:00 Ze/Hir- 14:19 Gender Queer- IN PART 2 at 0:45 Androgyny, Physical Androgyny, Psychological Androgyny- IN PART 2 at 1:26 Gender Fluid, Situational Gender Fluidity- IN PART 2 at 2:05 Demi Girl/Guy- IN PART 2 at 2:27 Intersex- IN PART 2 at 3:30 Gender Variant- IN PART 2 at 3:45 Agender- IN PART 2 at 4:07 Gender Neutral- IN PART 2 at 4:09 Neutrois- IN PART 2 at 4:34 Two Spirit- IN PART 2 at 5:35 Bigender- IN PART 2 at 6:40 Trigender- IN PART 2 at 7:22 Third/other gender- IN PART 2 at 7:33 A recap of bi, tri, third other gender- IN PART 2 at 7:58 Non binary- IN PART 2 at 8:17

The Original ABC's of LGBT episode:

Guests (in order of appearance)- Jake: Kara: Jazmine: Benton: Sky: Kaitlyn: Olivia (in part 2!): Chase (in part 2!):

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