FluidFlux Detailed

created by McT

Fluidflux is a gender identity which refers to an individual with a gender that moves between two or more genders and also fluctuates in intensity. Sometimes described as the combination of both genderfluid and genderflux identities.

The most popular way to identify as Fluidflux is to add the official flag or the flux symbol (φ) or phi greek letter to pictures, descriptions or any other forms of identity or personal possessions.

People that identify as Fluidflux, may also refer to themselves as "fx", "fdfx", "foxy", "fluid", "flowing" and sometimes can omit self labeling depending on the social circumstance. Some fluidflux people or "fluxys (fluxies)" also reference loving or being in flux or flow and being fluid, flowing or "fluxing".

Alternative Flag and Symbols

New Flux


FluidFLux Simple Flag

created by McT (mækt)

FluidFlux Banner

created by McT

Old Flux
FluidFlux Flow Symbol

created by Mækt

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