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Neutrois is a word taken to mean "non-gendered class." It is a non-binary gender identity which has many definitions, but most people consider it similar to being agender, gender neutral, genderless, or having a null gender. A lot of neutrois people use the above descriptors too, or some may prefer to use the genderqueer umbrella term. Very little is written about this gender identity, but it is growing in recognition.

People who are neutrois may be of any physical sex, including intersex.


Gender dysphoria may be experienced by neutrois people, whether that is body dysphoria, social dysphoria or a mix of both. It is usually the case that body dysphoria is more prevalent, and many people seek out surgery or hormones to transition to a preferred gender. However, that is not always the case since some people continue their lives without medically transitioning.

A common misconception is that being neutrois is the 'transsexual of agender', meaning that neutrois aim to have all sexual characteristics surgically removed. This is a thing that happens, but not all neutrois do.

A social transition is common with people of a neutral gender. This may include a change of name, pronouns, or gender expression.


Sexuality is incongruent with gender identity, so neutrois can have one of many orientations (e.g. heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc). Sometimes terms such as androsexual/androromantic and gynesexual/romantic may be used instead.


Most countries do not offer a gender neutral option on legal documentation. This means that neutrois must either use their assigned sex or the one they transition to.

Some websites such as Facebook now offer a custom gender option. This option allows neutrois among other non-binary individuals to choose or input their gender.


Most commonly, neutrois present in an androgynous or neutral manner. Sometimes, people choose to appear feminine or masculine.

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