Ultigender is a Pocket Gender with an estimated 50-100 members(source?) identifying as part of this community. Although this gender is not officially recognized by the LGBT+ community it entails an important, yet select, part of the non-binary gender community.

Ultigender, not to be mistaken for pangender, wholly represents all genders including yet undiscovered genders as well as spiritual and cultural genders such as Two-Spirit and Hijra. Those who identify as this gender can occasionally believe the gender to be the 'ultimate'(source?) gender in the sense that it represents not only themselves but those who identify as other non-binary genders. This state of intergender, although difficult to comprehend, is often explained in terms of the universe whereby the known genders make up the observable universe while those undiscovered holistically make the entire universe.

Usage In History

Whilst this gender has existed before and since the beginning of LGBT+'s pioneering for freedom, Ultigender has been scarcely used. One known misuse of this word, in an attempt at a "meme" on a forum has been found although this doesn't represent the gender.

Gross Misuse

During a comedy attempt(opinion) in the following forum, the word Ultigender was used as a "meme" during a comedic bout. In this usage, the user portrayed an arrogant and self-righteous (opinion) view of the gender. This is not representative of Ultigender's true purpose, to give all people, lost and found, a place in the world.

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